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You know what you need to do but don’t have the time to do it? That’s one of the most common frustrations most small business owners face and it’s crippling! What’s worse? By the time you get around to it, some smartie pants has posted a link to a webinar on Facebook offering expert insights to a new way to do it and the cycle starts all over again. You doubt your original plan and wonder if maybe there IS a better way, and you stall. And nothing gets done and you feel pretty crappy going around in circles. I know of which I speak my friend. Been there.


Does your website need an update? 
choose a new e-commerce platform
a homepage that engages your audience
product descriptions that sell
product shots to wow
an about us page that tells your story and builds connections
upload your snazzy new product line to your e-commerce store
improve your customer’s experience from start to finish and all the emails in between

Do you have a marketing event to prepare for?
line sheets that effectively showcase your products
brochures that grab attention
banners that are attractive and cost-effective

Making changes and need more information before you make your move?
research your competition
find new markets to serve
present your products or services in a new innovative way
research better supplier pricing
compare shipping options and pricing

Do you need help with your social media profiles, postings, newsletters, marketing collateral?
clarify your messages so you get the results you want
connect with your ideal target market
choose the right method and social media platform for maximum impact
invest your promo dollars wisely
polish your presentation to best represent what you do and what you sell


How would it feel to have someone who understands what you need?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an idea and then actually see it implemented quickly?

Isn’t your time and money best spent doing what you do well and getting help with the rest?

Please Note: This service is available to clients who have booked a coaching session or is enrolled in my coaching program only and is offered to provide hands-on support to accomplish your goals.


A 20-minute Pre-Engagement Session to discuss your specific needs

We’ll meet via Zoom so we can see each other face to face and share our computer screens if needed. We’ll get into all the details of each task that you need to have done for you.

10 Hours of Practical Hands-On Service 

Once we are clear on what you need to have done, we’ll put them in order of priority. You’ll be quoted on the number of hours needed to accomplish those tasks and we’ll agree on a timeline. As tasks are done, we’ll go back and forth to make sure that you get exactly what you need and you will be kept up to date of the time used so you will always know where you stand.

If you don’t use all 10 hours the first go-round, don’t fret. The hours will be held for you for 90 days and can be used at any time during that period. 


$497.00 Cdn 

no more wondering aimlessly wasting time and money, no more excuses

Hi, I’m Nikki,

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs hit reset on their goals and make changes in their business so they can do more of what they love, make more money and have a better life.

With 18 years of project management experience in film and tv production followed up with 9 years running a successful e-commerce business while simultaneously side-gigging as a business coach to my inner circle, I have given in to my true passion and now exclusively offer business coaching and support services for small business owners.

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